Profetische woorden


Vandaag een oude mail herlezen van een vriend bij Newsweek vijf jaar geleden:

“I didn’t come into the office on Tuesday because I live about two miles from the WTC and watched the horror unfold before my very eyes. I spent the rest of the day cycling around the city trying to find ways to help, but all the hospitals and volunteer centers were already completely overloaded with people. I came in to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but found it
imposible to concentrate on anything work-related. Thank god there were no pressing matters that week.”

“Now I’m a bit better, but the entire city is still very subdued and hundreds of thousands of people are still in various stages of shock. I’m trying to just concentrate enough to get the requisite work done.”

“It’s frustrating as well hearing the politicians with their talk of war. If it’s meant to scare the Taliban and others into offering up bin Laden and whoever else may be behind this and other acts of terrorism, then great. But if we’re going to start shooting missiles then I think the whole thing is going to get a lot worse before it gets better — if it ever does.”